Friday, September 21, 2007

Bush Surprised By Greenspan Criticism

Washington-- President Bush is "pissed" at Alan Greenspan's criticisms in Greenspan's new book, the White House said Monday. In the book, Greenspan accuses Bush of squandering the nation's budget on wild parties and booze, among other improprieties.

Bush has challenged Greenspan to a no-holds-barred cage match to settle their differences.

"Why I'm gonna punch that ol' prune right in the balls!" Bush commented. "I thought me and Greeny were on the same page! Damn ol' bastard needs to shut his pie hole, goddamn him!"

Alan Greenspan, fighting under the name "The Green Tornado" threatened to "tear that hillbilly's head clean off and shit down his neck."

"I warned the president...I warned him that tax cuts for his rich buddies just wont I'm gonna take that sum bitch apart! TAKE HIM APART!"

Greenspan, although almost 148 years old, is said to still be a formidable grappler in the ring. Unable to perform high risk moves due to hip ailments, he is expected to resort to figure four legs locks, eye gouges, arm bar submission moves and dirty tricks. A mortician and casket will be ready ringside in the event of Greenspan's demise.

The match will be aired on C-Span later this week.

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