Monday, September 17, 2007

O.J. Robs Hotdog Stand At Gun Point

Las Vegas-- O.J. Simpson was arrested Monday for robbing a hot dog vendor of one delicious foot long hot dog, 100% beef, with relish, mustard, no catsup and jalapenos. Simpson claims he was just asking for what belongs to him.

"It's all one big misunderstanding" said Simpson. "All I said to the hot dog vendor was 'Give me a fucking hot dog or I'll slice your neck!' I was kidding! What? He can't take a joke?"

The hot dog vendor claims O.J. swung a bat with nails in it at him. O.J. claims the bat was just a big misunderstanding.

"I didn't swing a bat at him! I asked him if he wanted to touch it with his head. I always happen to carry a bat with mask...gloves..hunting knife when I walk around Vegas. It's a dangerous town. You never know what dangerous criminal could spring out and rape you. "

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