Monday, September 10, 2007

Bush Says New Album a Reminder of Danger

Australia-- President Bush said Obama Bin Laden's mention of the Iraq war in his new music album is a reminder of al-Quesadillas long-term
objectives in Austria.

The president was corrected several times,
reminded that it is "Osama", not "Obama", as well as "al-Qaeda" not
"al-Quesadillas" and the war is in Iraq...not Austria.

Despite being corrected, the president continued to ramble.

"Iraq is part of this war against contortionists. If al-Qwaida
bothers to mention the war in Africa (meaning Iraq) right now,
they want to achieve their objections which is to drive us out."

"The tape is a reminder about the dangerous universe in which we
live, and it's a reminder that we must work together to protect our people against the Martian invaders who murder the innocent in order to achieve their political objectivityness."

The President spoke during a photo opportunity. Onlookers where hard
pressed to figure out just what the hell the president was trying
to say. After the speech the president walked off stage in the
wrong direction and fell some 20 feet flat on his face. After
lying motionless for more than a minute, he sprang up and claimed
that "he meant to to that."

Jack B. Nimble reporting.

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