Thursday, July 19, 2007

Windows Vista Woes

Redmond, WA.-- Microsoft announced Monday that it was releasing yet another version of Microsoft Windows Vista, titled 'Microsoft Vista Cafe Loco Edition' in order to further confuse consumers.

Steve Ballmer said of the release: "We truly feel now is the time for Cafe Loco. If we give the consumers enough choices, eventually one of them will install Vista."

“Currently Microsoft has 13 or...maybe 14 different flavors of Vista for consumers to choose from. We think consumers should collect them all! They come in these really cool DVD cases with a curved corner and collectible holograms!"

So far Americans have slow to adopt the new operating system, and the French even slower.

PePe LeFronshe said: "I install zis Vista and it slowed my computer down so bad! All I want to do is play new Halo! It really fuck-ed my computer so bad. Wine and cheese."

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