Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mustache Epidemic Reaching Epic Proportions in India

Mubia, India-- Ask any 12-year-old what he or she wants for their birthday this year. You might be surprised to learn he doesn't want the latest game system or fancy new gadget. He wants a mustache.

Children are undergoing dangerous cosmetic surgery in order to sport thick handle bar mustaches like their Bollywood film hero Rajini, while some are gluing various types of hair or fur to their upper lip using epoxy or Super Glue.

"It is very disturbing to see your nine-year-old daughter come home with an upper lip full of hair! I tried to tell her that women do not have facial hair, but I'm afraid she is unreachable," remarked one concerned parent.

Bollywood phenomenon Rajini

Entire shops have opened up on the streets of Mubia selling fake mustaches and huge sunglasses.

"Prices vary depending on what you are looking for. The cheapest we have is grease paint for 25 cents..all the way up to surgery, which we can perform in shop within a few hours. I think the children look quite handsome. I don't understand all the uproar," said store owner Raj Smith.

We asked American visitor Max Griffin what he thought.

"What the hell was going on here? Is there some kind of Groucho Marx festival going on? It's all a bit disturbing. Some of these kids look like mini 70's-style Burt Reynolds," remarked Griffin.

Eight-year-old Felix Skitit said he got his mustache late Wednesday night. "Yeah, it is sooo cool. it itches a bit, but I have the biggest one in the class! My parents are so angry, but mine is not permanent like most of my friends. The glue will wear off before my 12th birthday"

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