Monday, July 23, 2007

Pet Rattlesnake Saves Toddler

West Cayville, PA-- A toddler was saved from a wild pack of chihuahuas today by the heroic efforts of a pet rattlesnake.

The rabid chihuahuas surrounded the child and were readying their attack when the family's pet rattlesnake "Mr. Fangs" sprang into action.

It then wrapped itself around the child to comfort it, using its rattle to entertain the toddler until help arrived.

"We normally don't leave Baby Dinkums unattended in the swimming pool for more than five or 10 minutes. I went inside to grab a bite to eat. When I came back I found Mr. Fangs cuddling Baby Dinkums surround by six dead wild chihuahuas," said the child's father.

Neighbors say this particular pack of chihuahuas has been terrorizing the neighborhood for months now, scaring neighborhood children and defecating on nicely manicured lawns.

"Spike, our 12 month old pit bull has been terrified to go outside since a September attack left him earless and blind in one eye," commented one neighborhood resident.

Area residents are advised to remain indoors until the remainder of the ravenous Chihuahua pack can be rounded up and burned.

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