Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Carl Rove to Star in Production of Young Frankenstein

Carl Rove has left the White House to star in an off-Broadway production of Young Frankenstein. After seeing Rove dance at a recent White House event the director thought Rove had just the right amount of creepiness and humor needed for such a quirky role.

"I watched what I thought was supposed to be dancing by Rove and thought, 'Wow, he dances like a corpse!'. He also has a kind of Peter Boyle look about him. I wondered if he'd be interested in the part, and approached him about it. To my surprise he was!"

"We've been courting him for several months now trying to work out the details of his contract. It's been very hush-hush. One thing about Rove-- he sure as hell can keep a secret!"

Rove said in a statement, "I can't wait to don the make-up and do 'Puttin' on theRitz'! I haven't gotten this worked up since I was beaten up by the girl next door! This will show her! THIS WILL SHOW ALL OF YOU!"

"Yes...soon....soon the Republican party will be reborn...REBORN ON BROADWAY..from there we will move on to Hollywood! Once we have Hollywood, then the world will take us seriously again!"

He then began to cackle wildly as he draped a black cloak around his body and dissapeared in a shroud of smoke.

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