Friday, August 17, 2007

Movies Opening This Weekend

In an astonishing display of Hollywood's lack of creativity, three sequels from the same franchise are being released this weekend:

Friday the 13th: The Day Before Saturday
It's a mad dash against time as Jason tries to finish his killing spree before Saturday and the start of his vacation to Disneyworld. Join Mickey, Goofy and the gang as they try to keep Jason's attention on enjoying the attractions instead of ending up victims of a brutal slaying! Featuring the song "Let's Don't Kill Again" by pop superstar Linda Rondstadt.

Next Friday the 13th
Chris Tucker is back as Smokey as he teams up with Jason to kill as many homies in the hood and smoke as much dope as is humanly possible! If you thought "Next Friday" was funny, and even if you didn't, you MUST see "Next Friday the 13th"!

Friday the 13th: Jason vs. Spock
This summer...the gang from the starship Enterprise is back and battling the sinister Jason. Can Spock's superior intellect and Vulcan judo overcome Jason's machete? Or will the Captain's bridge become a cesspool of blood? Guest starring Elvira, Donald Trump, and the ghost of Don Knotts.

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