Sunday, September 2, 2007

Midler Kills and Eats Endangered Species in Hawaii

After a recent incident in which Bette Midler cut down 250 trees on her Kauai retreat and was fined $6500 for not having the correct permits, Midler was caught hunting and eating the rare Pookie monkey last week.

Her attorney said Midler will pay the $50,000 fine and says she is sorry for eating the delicious little fellows.

The actress claims that she didn't realize the monkeys were extremely endangered and apologized for sauteeing them in a delicious mushroom and gravy sauce.

Midler's attorney said, "It's another unfortunate mistake that probably won't happen again."

Midler is set to replace Celine Dion, who has never eaten monkeys, as a headline performer in Las Vegas.

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